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PREVI publishes Code of Best Practices on Real State Investments Governance

PREVI released on October 8th, Thursday, in Rio de Janeiro, the PREVI Code of Best Practice for Corporate Governance on Real State Investments. The publication aims to strengthen real state auto regulation initiatives, based on the experience of PREVI and the contribution of other institutional investors, administrators, real state fund managers and related associations. The Code intends to help those players manage real state assets, promoting transparency.

Real state corporate governance is also a way of combining sustainability goals with the expected investment results. It maximizes the value of the assets.

PREVI have already published the PREVI Code of Best Practice for Corporate Governance and the Manual for Participation in Meetings of Shareholders, respectively in 2004 and 2008. The publications became a reference to Brazilian investors.

PREVI is the largest pension fund in Brazil and one of the largest investors in the country. Today, PREVI has around 130 billion of reais under management (next to US$ 75 billions) and participate in more than 70 companies, among which stand out Vale, Petrobras and Banco do Brasil.