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Established in 1904, even before the launch of the Official Pension Plan in our country, the pension fund for Banco do Brasil employees, known as Previ, is among the largest pension funds in Latin America. With a history stretching back over a century, Previ has always existed with one single purpose: to take care of our people's future.

Previ is a closed supplementary pension entity, and its participants are employees of Banco do Brasil and its own staff. The Institution works to ensure additional security benefits to its participants, in order to improve the quality of life of its beneficiaries and dependents.

Previ is mostly funded by contributions of Banco do Brasil’s employees and the Bank itself, as the employer. Such funds are invested in a diversified manner, following our Investment Policy, which is strictly reviewed on an annual basis to meet the needs of each benefit plan and always aiming to fulfill the purpose of Previ: to ensure the payment of benefits to all of us associates in an efficient, safe and sustainable manner.

Organizational framework


Previ's organizational structure is composed of management and control bodies with different roles, which constitute the Corporate Governance system. These bodies are the Executive Board, the Executive Council, the Fiscal Council and the Audit Committee.

The Executive Board consists of six members: Chief Executive Officer, Chief Investment Officer, Equity Director, Security Director, Planning Director and Management Director. The first three are appointed by Banco do Brasil, while the last three are elected by participants and beneficiaries. Check out their resumes:

João Luiz Fukunaga - Chief Executive Officer with term of office ending on 06/01/2026

João holds a degree in History and a Master's in Social History from PUC-SP. He started his career as a high school teacher and has also worked as a researcher, having made several academic productions in the field of education. He has been a career employee at Banco do Brasil since 2008. In 2012, he took over the direction of the Sindicato dos Bancários de São Paulo and was national coordinator of the Negotiation Commission for BB employees. During this period, he gained experience in the main management functions of the Entity. In 2017, he took over as Secretary of Legal Affairs, and in 2020 he became the head of the Union's Organization and Administrative Support area. In 2022, he was chosen by the National Confederation of Financial Workers (Contraf) - an entity that gathers the largest unions in the country - for the position of Union Auditor, acting in negotiations between employees and the Bank's management. 

Márcio de Souza - Management Director with term of office ending on 06/01/2026

Márcio de Souza is a Law graduate with an MBA in Project Management. He is an ICSS-certified pension fund manager. He joined BB in 1981. He has been at Previ since 2004, where he worked in the Benefit Management Division as an Executive Manager. He led the division that developed and implemented Previ Futuro's concession & benefits system. He coordinated the Working Group on the Amendments to the Bylaws, which brought back the direct election for director and created the plan-based advisory councils. He was director of the Petrópolis Bank Workers’ Union.

Cláudio Antônio Gonçalves  - Chief Investment Officer with term of office ending on 06/02/2024

Cláudio holds a law degree from UniEvangélica, an MBA in Financial Business from UFRJ and a postgraduate degree in Public Law from FESURV/Axioma Jurídico. He was an executive at Banco do Brasil with experience in asset management and investments, with solid expertise in the area of investments for the private banking and retail banking markets (onshore and offshore), where he worked in the negotiation and strategic management of several business segments – Individuals, Rural Producers and Private Clients in Brazil and the United States of America.


Fernando Sabbi Melgarejo - Equity Director with term of office expiring on 06/02/2024

Career employee of Banco do Brasil, Fernando Sabbi Melgarejo holds a degree in Economics, a post-graduate degree in International Business and a master in Business Economics. Before joining Previ, he held the position of Executive Manager at Banco do Brasil's Finance and Investor Relations Division, working with Finance Analysis. 


Paula Regina Goto - Chief Planning Officer with term of office ending on 06/01/2026

Paula Goto has a postgraduate degree in Business Management, an MBA in Finance, a specialization in Agribusiness Management, a Master's in Social Sciences and is currently a PhD student in Project Management. She has both the ICSS and Anbima (CPA 20) investment certifications. Manager at BB, she worked in the branch network and at the tactical and strategic levels in the states of Paraná, São Paulo, Tocantins, Pará, Ceará and the Federal District. She was Head of the Supervisory Board of ANABBPREV. She is the first woman to hold the office of Director at Previ after 1998.

Wagner de Souza Nascimento - Security Director with term of office ending on 06/02/2024

Wagner holds a graduate degree in Business Administration from Universidade Federal de Viçosa and a postgraduate degree in Social Security Management, Auditing and Controllership. He has a wide experience in accounting, administration and public management and is certified by the ICSS as a Pension Fund Administrator. A BB employee since 2002, Wagner was elected to hold office as Advising Counselor at Previ Futuro and was responsible for heading the collegiate body. He has also been an Executive Counselor at Previ for the past four years and coordinated the BB Employees Committee between June 2014 and July 2019. Director of the Bank Workers Union for the Belo Horizonte & surroundings area, he left office at that entity to take over at Previ.

Where are we?


Previ's headquarters are located in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Our address is Praia de Botafogo, 501, 3rd and 4th floors, Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro (RJ). Zip Code 22250-040

Documents in English


Do you want to know more about Previ? Check out these documents about us:


Annual Report 2019

In 2019, our 115th year since inception, we redefined our Corporate Vision to make it more aspirational, comprehensive, and aligned with the challenges and opportunities facing the Organization over the coming years. Our newly articulated Corporate Vision is to: “Set the standard for efficiency, sustainability and governance in managing private pension solutions”. This Annual Report summarizes the progress we have made across all departments at Previ towards our new Vision, which was formalized in 2020.


RI Transparency Report 2019

The PRI Reporting Framework is a key step in the journey towards building a common language and industry standard for reporting responsible investment (RI) activities.This RI Transparency Report is one of the key outputs of this Framework. Its primary objective is to enable signatory transparency on RI activities and facilitate dialogue between investors and their clients, beneficiaries and other stakeholders.


Annual Report 2018

Our Annual Report 2018 — which provides participants with an overview of Previ’s key achievements and performance in the year — puts the Core Values “Member focus” and “Transparency” at Previ into practice. This report provides a summary of Previ’s market position and results of operations in 2018; the funded position and financial health of our benefit plans; the strategy that informed our investment decisions for and profitability across each asset category; and improvements to our approach to people management and participant relations.


Annual Report 2017

This summary version of the Previ Annual Report 2017 reviews our most significant facts and figures and reports on the performance of our benefit plans in the year. Addressed primarily to our most important stakeholders—the more than 200,000 participants in our benefit plans— the Report reviews Previ’s performance in the private pension market, addresses the strategies we implemented in the year, explains our most significant investment decisions, and provides an overview of Plano 1, Previ Futuro and the Death & Disability Benefits Plan (CAPEC) in 2017.


Annual Report 2016

This is a summary version of our Annual Report 2016, in which we provide a brief and transparent overview of key information about the performance of our benefit plans and investments in the year. The report describes our key achievements and strategic decisions in 2016, and our relations with members and other stakeholders. We hope you find this report informative.


Annual Report 2015

Transparency is a core value at Previ. As a case in point, we were the first pension fund in Brazil to publish a Social Report in addition to our Annual Report, in 1998. Since 2011, we have compiled financial and sustainability information into a single document that reports on our performance and the performance of the companies and real estate developments in which we invest.




PREVI Code of Corporate Governance

Developed by Corporate Governance Division of PRE




PREVI Guide Model for Participation in Shareholder's Meetings

Developed by Corporate Governance Division of PREVI