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Rafael Castro, Internal Controls and Compliance Executive Manager, is Previ's candidate for a seat on the board of the initiative that brings together institutional investors


Rafael Castro, Previ’s Internal Controls and Compliance Executive Manager, has applied for a seat on the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) Board in 2020, in the Asset Owner category. This is an important step for Previ, which has a strong Responsible Investment background. We proudly take environmental, social, governance and integrity (ASGI) criteria very seriously in selecting and managing investments and benefit plans.

But we want to go further. We know that our work will be more effective once we become part of the PRI Board, an international initiative supported by the United Nations (UN), which brings together institutional investors, asset managers and service providers.

Check out the message from Rafael Castro and download his statement:

Promoting a sustainable business environment is a growing concern for organizations. For this reason, Previ seeks to continuously improve its investment criteria, a goal that has been increasingly pursued in the last two decades.

One of these improvements is to disseminate the principles for responsible investment not only in-house, but also in companies in which Previ holds stakes and in society as a whole. As such, in 2006 Previ became the first institution in Latin America to become part of the PRI.

As one of the first signatories, Previ had a key role in attracting other Brazilian pension funds and institutional investors to the PRI. Until 2017, our entity had a representative on the oard. In 2020, the time has come for us to try once again to reassume this leadership.

The election for the PRI Board is open until December 4th. Only signatories can vote, totaling more than 3,000 votes worldwide, with over $ 100 trillion in assets under management.




Annual Report 2019

In 2019, our 115th year since inception, we redefined our Corporate Vision to make it more aspirational, comprehensive, and aligned with the challenges and opportunities facing the Organization over the coming years. Our newly articulated Corporate Vision is to: “Set the standard for efficiency, sustainability and governance in managing private pension solutions”. This Annual Report summarizes the progress we have made across all departments at Previ towards our new Vision, which was formalized in 2020.


RI Transparency Report 2019

The PRI Reporting Framework is a key step in the journey towards building a common language and industry standard for reporting responsible investment (RI) activities.This RI Transparency Report is one of the key outputs of this Framework. Its primary objective is to enable signatory transparency on RI activities and facilitate dialogue between investors and their clients, beneficiaries and other stakeholders.


Annual Report 2018

Our Annual Report 2018 — which provides participants with an overview of Previ’s key achievements and performance in the year — puts the Core Values “Member focus” and “Transparency” at Previ into practice. This report provides a summary of Previ’s market position and results of operations in 2018; the funded position and financial health of our benefit plans; the strategy that informed our investment decisions for and profitability across each asset category; and improvements to our approach to people management and participant relations.


Annual Report 2017

This summary version of the Previ Annual Report 2017 reviews our most significant facts and figures and reports on the performance of our benefit plans in the year. Addressed primarily to our most important stakeholders—the more than 200,000 participants in our benefit plans— the Report reviews Previ’s performance in the private pension market, addresses the strategies we implemented in the year, explains our most significant investment decisions, and provides an overview of Plano 1, Previ Futuro and the Death & Disability Benefits Plan (CAPEC) in 2017.


Annual Report 2016

This is a summary version of our Annual Report 2016, in which we provide a brief and transparent overview of key information about the performance of our benefit plans and investments in the year. The report describes our key achievements and strategic decisions in 2016, and our relations with members and other stakeholders. We hope you find this report informative.


Annual Report 2015

Transparency is a core value at Previ. As a case in point, we were the first pension fund in Brazil to publish a Social Report in addition to our Annual Report, in 1998. Since 2011, we have compiled financial and sustainability information into a single document that reports on our performance and the performance of the companies and real estate developments in which we invest.


Annual Report 2014

The report is in accordance with the new Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 guidelines, a leading international methodology for the production of sustainability reports. This version is aligned with the priority topics for Previ stakeholders, based on a consultation held in 2012 and revalidated for the preparation of this document. Enjoy reading it!


Annual Report 2013

The year of 2013 was marked by challenges in the Brazilian complementary social security market. Macroeconomic changes, such as the raise in the base interest rate (Selic) and the drop in profitability of operations at the Stock Exchange, had significant influence in the performance of all institutionsin this area. Previ performs active management of its investments - paying attention to the market situation, working with various long term scenarios and seeking to predict trends.


Annual Report 2012

In 2012 Previ faced the need to reinvent itself to remain strong and continue offering peace of mind to its participants. In a new scenario for the country, with low interest rates, planning and working in an effective manner to maintain or even build upon historical achievements was the main challenge handled in 2012.


PREVI Code of Corporate Governance

Developed by Corporate Governance Division of PREVI


PREVI Guide Model for Participation in Shareholder's Meetings

Developed by Corporate Governance Division of PREVI